Welcome to Messiah Community Church Ministries' page.  Please browse through the information we have provided to learn what our church is all about.  We are a church without agendas.  Very simply our mission statement is this: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and body and love your neighbor as yourself.  Our vision statement is just as simple: Make it into all the world preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ making disciples of all nations.  We believe that life changes when you believe right enabling you to think right which causes you to act right. 

We are a church with an amazing story of God's continued provision.  Our large sanctuary in Silverton, Ohio was totally provided by the Lord.  Our volunteer leadership love the Lord and His people.  Each one has their own unique story of how they came into a realtionship with Jesus Christ. The story we tell is one of God's never ending Grace toward us and the hope of eternal salvation.  

If you are looking for a place that teaches the Word of God without agendas or compromise this is the place. Our goal is to get the Word of God in you so you grow in faith and accomplish all the Lord has planned for your life.  Try us out, you will be pleasantly surprised.  

Messiah Community Church
Messiah Community Church

 6969 Montgomery Road

 .  .  .  .    in Silverton

  Every Sunday starting at 10:30AM  

Or join us on-line at www.anymeeting.com/messiahcommunity1

                You will hear our message live and uncut   

You may give to our church to support our ministry to people and the teaching of Radical Grace in Cincinnati by clicking on this link:


Men's Fishing and Hunting Club

Our men will meet the second Saturday of the month for a hearty breakfast and discussion centered around what makes a man a Christ Centered man.  Our goal is to bring evey man into the knowledge of the perfect man, Jesus Christ.  That knowledge alone will change your life, balance your thoughts, and give you peace in who you are according to the design of the Almighty Creator.  It is called 33 The Series and it is a great tool to bring you to Authentic Manhood.

Join us Saturday November 11 at 8:30AM


Deep Water Wednesdays

Wednesdays at Messiah Community is a time for believers to go deeper into their understanding of the Word of Bible.  Our current series is simply called "In Him" and is a study of what it really means to be "in Christ".  You don't have to be a member of MCC to attend the live in person class at 10:00AM at our facility or our on-line class held through anymeeting.com at 8:00PM.  This class is good for those who know little and those who know a lot about the Bible.  Both classes are interactive and will help you grow in faith.  This week's class will take you deeper into the life of Christ as Lord.



Join us Sunday at 10:30AM for Worship

This week Pastor Wayne will be teaching on the power to live life through Christ.  This is going to be a look at the role of the modern believer in a world gone mad.  Is the world waiting for us to figure it out?  If I accept Christ for who He is what happens to me?  What does it mean for me to be a "new Creature"?  How relevant is Jesus today?

We begin worship at 10:30AM


Learn Hebrew

A special class will begin this Sunday at 9:20AM to teach Hebrew.  This class will teach the attendee how to read Hebrew and give an understanding of the language.  You will have your mind open to think differently about the Old Testament Scriptures as you draw the pictures from the original language text.

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Messiah Community Church Ministries is a "Relational Church."  

What this means is we believe our relationship with the God of the Bible is intentional each and every day.  We live and breath and have our being in Him.  As Spirit Filled believers we know His presence and power.  We build relationship with Him through knowing Christ as Savior, being filled with the Holy Ghost, studying the Word of God and having a consistent prayer life that is filled with worship.  When that relationship is in a right spot then our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ can flourish and our relationships with those outside the body of Christ will grow as well.  Join us to find out what it means to be in a Relational Church.

Upcoming Events

Sunday Morning Prayer

Oct 29, 9:00am  -  Oct 29, 9:30am

Kids Kingdom

Oct 29, 11:15am  -  Oct 29, 12:00pm

Velocity Youth Class

Oct 29, 11:15am  -  Oct 29, 12:00pm

The Answer to Your Fear is the Holy Ghost


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