Beyond the Four Walls...

...the Body of Christ has been too long enclosed within the confines of the "church" structure. Jesus instructed us to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel. Taking "Grace" to a lost world is our primary mission.

Join us as we adventure beyond our "safe zones" to risk it all for the sake of the soul of our nation.


Messiah Community Church & Prayer Garden
Messiah Community Church

Pastor Wayne will conclude a 3 part series Sunday called "Who Am I?"  This final message will be "Who Do I Blame".  You may listen to the first 2 messages in this series at our "Resources" page.  In this last message Pastor Wayne will bring to light how big God's grace is when it comes to accounting for our lives.  We will find out where all the burden for the life we have falls.  You won't want to miss this final message in this imporatant stress relieving series. We start at 10:30AM at the corner of East Mills and Burns in beautiful south Wyoming, Ohio. 

Deep Water Wednesday Webinar

 Our Deep Water Wednesday Webinar  happens each Wednesday night at 8:00PM with a study from the Word. Our current study is looking at the discipleship of the believer. This teaching series is called "Preparing For Life: Getting You Ready For What's Ahead".  In a world full of increasing darkness, we need to know how to turn the Light on.  Join us on-line each Wednesday starting at 8:00PM.

JoinUs live at every Sunday morning at 10:30AM.  You will hear our message and worship live and uncut. 

Messiah Community Church is a different kind of church.  We are a church that believes in the full Pentecostal experience and the gifts of the Spirit yet we also believe in unconditional eternal security.  Physical, verifyable healings happen all the time.  People are continually being challenged to search the Word and to live by faith.  Jesus is the center piece of everything.  The Holy Ghost is the wonder working power of God.  Radical Grace and a belief that God loves us unconditionally keep us from sin, not allow us to be led into it.   We just want to see people become everything God intended them to be.  You have great potential to radically change the world you live in.  This is where you should be going to find what you are looking for.  This is where you will find truth and healing for your soul.  Don't run from it, run to it.  Don't sit and do nothing, pick yourself up and move.  You'll be glad you did.

       MessiahCommunityChurch located at the corner of East Mills and Burns where Wyoming meets Hartwell.

Alive with sound teaching, the fruits and gifts of the Spirit, and anointed worship.

Meets every Sunday at 10:30AM.

Check us out on FaceBook to follow what is happening at MCC. See our resource page to listen to our weekly messages.


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Multi-Cultural, Non-Denominational, Spirit Filled, Word of Faith, Teaching, Evangelistic, Out-Reach, Family Oriented, Children's Church, Youth Group, Strong Men's Ministry, Pentecostal, Eternal Security, Gifts of the Spirit, GRACE, Bible Believing, Charismatic, Relevant, Life Changing, Sound Doctrine, Independent, Christ Centered, Jesus Loving, Love, Faith, Hope and then more GRACE.  All of these describe our body located in Greater Cincinnati in the Central Northern community of Wyoming.   The Bible is the only real truth and hope for mankind.  We care for you and hope to see you soon.  We are perhaps the best kept spiritual secret in Greater Cincinnati.  We are a worshipping teaching church that believes our faith is rooted in the perfect sacrifice of Christ Jesus and nothing else.  It is only by God's grace that we exist. In Jesus Christ we live and move and have our being.

Upcoming Events

Deep Waters Internet Class

Dec 24, 8:00pm  -  Dec 24, 9:00pm

Sunday Worship Service

Dec 28, 10:30am  -  Dec 28, 12:00pm

Velocity Youth Class

Dec 28, 11:15am  -  Dec 28, 12:00pm

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