The Lord God is not just some being who set the world into place then took off for vacation.  He established rules of engagement for all living beings, economic rules and laws of nature.  When the whole thing went south He sent His Son, Jesus of Nazareth, a man born to a virgin named Mary, to redeem each one of us who were or would become trapped in a world in violation of the rules.  He freed all who would believe not just from the punishment to be received for their error but also from the responsibility to do anything to earn the much needed relief.  Then He gave us a book. Not just any book but a book that tells us how to navigate through life in victory and with peace and joy.  At Messiah Community we teach and believe in the inerrant Word of God, the inerrant Savior of man and the inerrant realease of God's Favor on mankind.  We don't just live to be good.  We are good because we live in Christ. Join us for the ride fo your life in a church that teaches the Word and experiences miracles.

Messiah Community Church
Messiah Community Church

Join us at

    6969 Montgomery Road in Silverton

                Every Sunday starting at 10:30 am.

                                        Or join us on-line at

                You will hear our message live and uncut.

Deep Water Wednesday Lessons can be heard again from our Resource Page simply by selecting the lesson you would like to hear.  This year we are going through the Bible one book at a time in an overview format.      

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You may get our APP by going to Google Play Store or I-Tunes Store and downloading "Messiah CC" our free APP.  Included on the APP is a calendar of events and all of our recent messages as well as a blog, a Bible APP, a link to our FaceBook Page and continually updated info about the body of Christ at Messiah Community Church.
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Messiah Community Church Ministries is a "Relational Church."  

What this means is we believe our relationship with the God of the Bible is intentional each and every day.  We live and breath and have our being in Him.  As Spirit Filled believers we know His presence and power.  We build relationship with Him through knowing Christ as Savior, being filled with the Holy Ghost, studying the Word of God and having a consistent prayer life that is filled with worship.  When that relationship is in a right spot then our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ can flourish and our relationships with those outside the body of Christ will grow as well.  Join us to find out what it means to be in a Relational Church.

Upcoming Events

Sunday Morning Prayer

Oct 23, 9:00am  -  Oct 23, 9:30am

Sunday Worship Service

Oct 23, 10:30am  -  Oct 23, 12:00pm

Velocity Youth Class

Oct 23, 11:15am  -  Oct 23, 12:00pm

Holy Faithfulness


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