"Church", to some it's religion.  To others it represents hurt.  Still others see it as a dependency program.  Then there are those who know the Creator of man builds relationships in this place called a "church".  It may not always be pretty.  It might not always be fun.  The bottom line....when you find the truth, the truth will set you free.

At Messiah Community Church we are not looking to be everyone's cup of tea.  We are hoping just to be who the Lord God made us to be.  In being who we are according to how He made us, we find security, peace and strength.  If you are out of "church" come back.  If you are in a good church, stay there.  If you have no affiliation with the God of Heaven, we invite you to come hear and learn the truth that will set your soul free. 

Messiah Community Church
Messiah Community Church

Join us at

6969 Montgomery Road in Silverton

Every Sunday starting at 10:30 am.

 Or join us on-line at


           You will hear our message and worship live and uncut.


 Deep Water Wednesday Lesson


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Multi-Cultural, Non-Denominational, Spirit Filled, Word of Faith, Teaching, Evangelistic, Out-Reach, Family Oriented, Children's Church, Youth Group, Strong Men's Ministry, Pentecostal, Eternal Security, Gifts of the Spirit, GRACE, Bible Believing, Charismatic, Relevant, Life Changing, Sound Doctrine, Independent, Christ Centered, Jesus Loving, Love, Faith, Hope and then more GRACE.  All of these describe our body located in Greater Cincinnati in the community of Silverton.   The Bible is the only real truth and hope for mankind.  We care for you and hope to see you soon.  We are perhaps the best kept spiritual secret in Greater Cincinnati.  We are a worshipping teaching church that believes our faith is rooted in the perfect sacrifice of Christ Jesus and nothing else.  It is only by God's grace that we exist. In Jesus Christ we live and move and have our being.

Upcoming Events

Deep Water Wednesdays

Feb 10, 10:00am  -  Feb 10, 8:00pm

Velocity Lock In

Feb 12, 9:00pm  -  Feb 13, 7:00am

Sunday Worship Service

Feb 14, 10:30am  -  Feb 14, 12:00pm

Having Ears To Hear Pt 2

In this message Pastor Wayne continues with a message begun last week speaking to the subject of having ears to hear.  If you are struggling with bitterness and failure in your life, this message will lift your life to be able to take on the battles before you. Follow the link http://www.anymeeting.com/messiahcommunity/E952DC8089493F


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