"Church", to some it's religion.  To others it represents hurt.  Still others see it as a dependency program.  Then there are those who know the Creator of man builds relationships in this place called a "church".  It may not always be pretty.  It might not always be fun.  The bottom line....when you find the truth, the truth will set you free.

At Messiah Community Church we are not looking to be everyone's cup of tea.  We are hoping just to be who the Lord God made us to be.  In being who we are according to how He made us, we find security, peace and strength.  If you are out of "church" come back.  If you are in a good church, stay there.  If you have no affiliation with the God of Heaven, we invite you to come hear and learn the truth that will set your soul free. 

Messiah Community Church
Messiah Community Church

Join us at

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                Every Sunday starting at 10:30 am.

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 Deep Water Wednesday Lesson       


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Messiah Community Church Ministries is a "Relational Church."  

What this means is we believe our relationship with the God of the Bible is intentional each and every day.  We live and breath and have our being in Him.  As Spirit Filled believers we know His presence and power.  We build relationship with Him through knowing Christ as Savior, being filled with the Holy Ghost, studying the Word of God and having a consistent prayer life that is filled with worship.  When that relationship is in a right spot then our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ can flourish and our relationships with those outside the body of Christ will grow as well.  Join us to find out what it means to be in a Relational Church.

Upcoming Events

Sunday Morning Prayer

May 29, 9:00am  -  May 29, 9:30am

Sunday Worship Service

May 29, 10:30am  -  May 29, 12:00pm

Velocity Youth Class

May 29, 11:15am  -  May 29, 12:00pm

Prosecuting the Law: Thou Shalt Not Steal

In this message of our series, Pastor Wayne teaches on how the enemy steal from us daily.  It is time we turn on him and recover sevenfold everything he has stolen from us. Often times we build walls up around us to protect anymore from being taken from us. The problem with that is that we then lose our freedom.  It is time for the people of God to claim our freedom and recover our inocense.


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